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We're here to help you win your life insurance claim. At Boonswang Law, our legal team takes tremendous pride in successful wins on behalf of our clients. While we've helped win major life insurance awards for clients, we're equally committed to taking on smaller cases for clients who may be poor, elderly, or disabled. We're known for being fierce, focused life insurance litigators in and out of the courtroom.

Life insurance claims. We’re ready to fight for what you're entitled to.

As life insurance lawyers, we're not afraid to get into the fray. The Boonswang legal team is dedicated to obtaining justice for individuals and families who have had their life insurance claims denied or delayed. We’re here to win for you.

You can count on Boonswang Law:

  • If there's no recovery for you, we don’t get paid
  • Our goal is to protect your rights
  • FREE consultation to discuss your claim

We know how life insurance companies think.

Our life insurance attorneys have years of experience recovering money from large and small insurance companies. We know:

  • Most insurance companies want to avoid paying out claims
  • Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums, not by paying out claims
  • Many insurance companies may use illegitimate tactics to deny or delay death benefits to beneficiaries
  • Insurance companies employ large teams of legal professionals to ensure that people do not receive payment for their claims, or that people accept minimal settlements

We understand how difficult it can be for people to collect the compensation they are entitled to without a life insurance lawyer.

Has your claim been denied or delayed? We know life insurance claims. We're knowledgeable, seasoned, and have a proven track record. In fact half of our practice is dedicated to life insurance law.

Remember, there is absolutely no fee unless we win your claim.

Boonswang Law
Boonswang Law
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